New Benz to Be Upcoming ‘Transformers’ Movie Star

The sexy new Mercedes-AMG GT R has hit the market and attracted a lot of attention with its sleek looks and amazing performance. Most interesting of all, the car has caught Michael Bay’s attention and he intends to use the car in ‘Transformers: The Last Knight’ as the character Drift.

With all the action and destruction that goes in those movies, we’re sure Drift is going to need some new Body replacements to get back in shape for round 2 with Decepticons.


The fire-breathing new 198 mph Mercedes-AMG GT R that we told you about last month is already attracting interest in Hollywood. Specifically it’s been cast as “Drift” in the 5th installment in Michael Bay’s Transformers series, The Last Knight, due out next year.

The barely road-legal AMG GT R takes over the, um, role from a Bugatti Veyron, and will rev up beside the new Bumblebee Camaro and evil Barricade Mustang (below) previously revealed by Bay. Read More

Image via Michael Bay

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