Mercedes-Benz Announces Successful Test Of Future Bus

The internet has been all over the idea of self-driven cars as the way of the future, a luxurious idea of always being a passenger in your own car as your car and chauffeur are integrated into one high tech and smart system. Mercedes has strayed from this fantasy and given it one amazing practical application in the future bus that just successfully drove 20 kilometers without the need of any manual corrections. This feat shows the possibility of driverless public transport.

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Some people have theorized that self-driving cars and ride-hailing apps will lead to the end of public transport, but really, you still can’t beat the efficiency of cramming a load of people into a single bus. Combine that with autonomous driving tech and you might have a whole new sort of public transport. At least, that’s what Mercedes-Benz thinks, and its semi-autonomous Future Bus program has just passed a major milestone: navigating a route of more than 20 kilometers.

Now, this is nothing compared to the million-plus kilometers traveled by Google’s self-driving cars, but every journey starts with single step (or rotation of the wheel). The Future Bus followed a route from Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport to the town of Haarlem, a journey that included numerous bends, tunnels, and traffic lights. Local laws meant that the bus had to have a human driver ready to take over in an emergency, but Mercedes-Benz says all its extra technology — collectively known as CityPilot — means the end ride is more safe and efficient. Continue Reading

image via the verge

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