2017 Smart ForTwo Cabriolet to be Cheapest Convertible

Taking a quick break from talking about things like Mercedes-Benz transmissions, we saw that the Smart ForTwo Cabrios are going to be the cheapest convertibles available in the US with a price tag of under $20,000. Well, under $20k for the completely basic package – if you pick up one of these neat little economy cars, you’ll (likely) add enough options to get it a thousand or two more than you were expecting. Though, that still leaves it a super-affordable convertible.


You don’t normally associate Mercedes-Benz with a low MSRP — even its used cars are expensive, once maintenance is taken into account. Yet, starting this fall, the least expensive convertible — hell, the only convertible starting under $20,000 — will be a German, although it won’t have the three-pointed star on the hood.

After taking a gap year to find itself, the Smart ForTwo Cabriolet is returning for the 2017 model year. With an all-new look inside and out, this diminutive runabout will rock a starting price of $18,900.

That’s with a manual, though — spring for the dual-clutch gearbox, and you’re looking at $19,890, before options and tax and all that.

Its automatic canvas soft top is capable of stopping early and acting like a sunroof, or going all the way back for more of a proper top-down feeling, and you can remove the roof bars for even more airiness. Continue Reading

Image via Motor Trend

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Mercedes-Benz Sees Best June Ever

With over 28,000 units sold through the month of June, Mercedes-Benz USA has topped their best-ever sales figures for June. Not only that, but when the Mercedes-Benz total is added to with the company’s subsidiary brands of Mercedes-Benz vans and Smart, they actually ended up totaling 31,965 vehicles sold through June 2016. That number is a solid 2.3 percent higher than the 2015 figure and marks yet another great month for the German automaker’s American branch.

There are a few reasons that Mercedes-Benz USA believes that their sales have increased through June. The most prominent of which is that it marked the launch of the company’s E-Class vehicles.

Likewise, they launched what the Mercedes-Benz CEO Dietmar Exler has deemed as “several dream cars,” which he also believes will get Mercedes-Benz USA into excellent position for the third quarter of 2016.

Looking at the sales numbers of their best sellers through June, too, you can see exactly what Exler means. C-Class vehicles sold the most overall with 6,867 and GLEs sold 4,515 through the entirety of June. What is crazy is that the company’s E-Class cars (which includes the CLS in their report) sold 4,292 units, which might not seem all that impressive until you realize that these cars weren’t even available until the last week of June! The Mercedes-AMG line is also seeing awesome growth this year, and they sold over 1,500 of these high-performance cars through June of this year while last year only saw a bit over 1,000.

With all of this in mind, it will certainly be interesting to see how well Mercedes-Benz USA does for the rest of the summer.

Speaking of summer, if you are looking to show off your new Mercedes-Benz, you should check out our great selection of rims (which are currently on sale, too).

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48-Volt Mercedes-Benz Engines an Exciting Prospect

If you are a big fan of Mercedes-Benz engines and the engineering feats that the company is capable of, you have already likely heard about the 48-volt systems that will be making their way to the manufacturer’s lineup come 2017. These engines will be the major component of a hybrid system sporting an inline 6 setup. As reported by Gas2.com:

“Mercedes will add a 48 volt mild hybrid system to the S Class sedan beginning in 2017. The current V-6 engine will be replaced by an inline 6 cylinder that incorporates a 48 volt motor connected directly to the crankshaft. The motor can act as both an alternator and a starter. It can also harvest electricity through regeneration.

“Mercedes plans to make mild hybrid systems available across its entire range of vehicles in coming years. In addition to making stop/start technology standard,  the systems are expected to improve fuel economy by 10 to 15 per cent. A four cylinder version of the mild hybrid powertrain is also under development.”

For those of you who don’t really follow engine technology as a passion, the fact that Mercedes-Benz is putting out a 48-volt hybrid might leave you saying, “Okay, so what?” Well, the “So…” comes in the form of the industry as a whole making moves away from 12V and toward 48V engines.

What’s really cool about this (to some of us) is that issues regarding high voltage in (soon-to-be) older cars should essentially disappear, allowing for some incredible electrical benefits, many of which tie in the forced efficiency that engineers had to develop with 12V tech along with high-output accessories so often found in new all-electric vehicles. As noted by Auto Blog:

“Current hybrid and battery-electric vehicles make use of very high voltages in their batteries, motors, and the wiring that connects them, usually around 200 to 600 volts. The high voltage gives them enough power to move a big vehicle, but it also creates safety issues. The way to mitigate those safety issues is with added equipment, and that increases both cost and weight. You can see where this is going.”

In regards to other auto companies that are building 48-volt systems that will rival those produced by Mercedes-Benz, Auto Blog also explained that, “There are 48-volt systems already in production; Audi’s three-compressor SQ7 engine uses an electric supercharger run by a 48-volt system, and there’s a new SQ5 diesel on the horizon that will use a similar setup with the medium-voltage system.”

When it comes down to it, once a majority of automakers start releasing 48-Volt engines there should be some very cool toys that we will be able to add to our vehicles. It might be a bit of a wait until we see what they are really capable of, though, seeing as tech developers have so long had to work with the restrictions of 12V technology. For the most part, we at Adsit are really just looking forward to having more robust computer systems to play with.

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Mercedes Teams with Europcar for Luxurious ‘Carousel of Dreams’

In an attempt to link childlike happiness with driving – an activity that most adults now find to be an arduous task – Europcar and Mercedes-Benz put together what they’re calling the “Carousel of Dreams” in the middle of London. Featuring a number of the luxury car manufacturer’s vehicles, the carousel let people ride in high-end versions with some of the best Mercedes-Benz accessories. Check it out:


Car rental company Europcar made adults feel like kids again with help from Mercedes-Benz.

To launch its new advertising campaign, centered on the customizable features of its rentals and its selection of luxury and fun cars, Europcar worked with Mercedes to construct a working carousel in London where adults could hop in and coast in one of the automaker’s newest models. This unconventional out-of-home placement and corresponding social video will not only help draw attention to Europcar, but may help inspire Mercedes aspirations among viewers.

Revolving ride

Europcar’s ad campaign, developed by agency Rosapark, focuses on the service provider’s ability to deliver on an individual basis, whether through its to my door delivery service or its range of luxury and fun cars. Photography of drivers is paired with a tagline that includes their name, a take on its existing tagline, “Moving your way.”  Continue Reading

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Volkswagen to Pay Over $15 Billion in Settlement

When Volkswagen decided to put software in its vehicles that allowed them to burn ridiculous amounts of fuel, I’m guessing they weren’t expecting to eventually have a $15.4-billion settlement slapped on them. Likewise, they are currently in talks with 44 states in the US, which should end up in VW having to pay out at least another estimated $600-million. The amount that Volkswagen ends up really paying in the end is anyone’s guess, though, seeing as so much of that $15b is set aside for buybacks and repairs, of which repairs are far less expensive for the company.

If you were lucky enough to avoid that fiasco entirely by having a Mercedes-Benz, you can find parts for your vehicle by clicking here.


German automaker Volkswagen AG has agreed to pay more than $15.3 billion in a settlement with U.S. regulators over pollution caused by its diesel vehicles, according to a source briefed on the matter.

The settlement stems from VW’s admission in September that it intentionally misled regulators by installing secret software that allowed U.S. vehicles to emit up to 40 times legally allowable pollution. It covers 475,000 2.0-liter vehicles.

The Justice Department filed a proposed consent decree that confirms VW will set aside $10.033 billion to cover buybacks and fixes, $2 billion to invest in green energy funds and $2.7 billion to offset diesel emissions. Continue Reading

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Oil Prices in the Face of Norwegian Strike

Due to a strike from the workers of the largest oil producer in northern Europe in Norway, that region of the world should expect a rise in oil prices. Alongside the recent Brexit vote, the economy of Europe and the cost of fuel right now are shaky at best if not a complete mess. If planning to visit the EU any time soon for a luxury Mercedes-Benz drive through multiple countries, it could be far more expensive than originally planned.

If you are looking to get your Mercedes-Benz fuel system running properly, click here for the best parts at the best prices.


Oil prices rose on Tuesday as a looming strike in Norway threatened to cut output in western Europe’s biggest producer, although Britain’s vote to leave the European Union was still weighing on markets.

About 755 Norwegian workers on seven oil and gas fields could go on strike from Saturday, hitting output from the North Sea’s top producer, if a new wage deal is not agreed before a Friday deadline.

A final round of mandatory talks will be hosted by a state mediator on June 30 and July 1 in an effort to avoid disruption that could start the following day. Continue Reading

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Recalled 2016 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT S has Powertrain Issues

Mercedes-Benz has announced they are conducting a recall for 136 2016 AMG GT S sports coupes. This model from Mercedes-Benz is being recalled over problems with the powertrain, and the fix will see the AMG GT S get fitted with a carbon-fiber driveshaft.

As reported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the recall summary for the AMG GT S, “The adhesive bond between the carbon-fiber driveshaft and the rear flange may fail, [and] there may be a loss of torque to the rear wheels.” The summary continued by describing further issues that could arise, “The vehicle operator may be unable to move the vehicle, or may experience deceleration if the vehicle is in motion, increasing the risk of a vehicle crash.”

This recall is one of those events that prove yet again just how superior Mercedes-Benz is to other manufacturers. Where other car companies will not issue a recall until a substantial number of their vehicles had issues and experienced the breakdown of a specific part, the AMG GT S has only seen one incident happen to a customer last October. Even then, what the driver reported was that they heard some noises coming from underneath the car. From that, Mercedes-Benz put in the due diligence to determine the underlying cause of the noises and ended up discovering the driveshaft problem. Thankfully it is being taken care of before someone gets hurt because of a faulty part.

If you prefer to work on your car yourself and you want to replace the driveshaft on your vehicle instead of taking it in to a mechanic, visit our Mercedes-Benz drivetrain category page and take a look through our large selection. Likewise, the sale going on right now that we’re offering on most of our products will grant you a substantial discount on the price of the drivetrain part(s) you buy.

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