Is Rosberg Leaving the Mercedes Racing Team?

Nico-RosbergIf the rumors are true, there’s a big chance that star Formula 1 racer Nico Rosberg will be leaving the Mercedes racing team in 2017 to get behind the wheel with Ferrari. The word seems pretty reliable, though, considering that the place promulgating this potentially very upsetting news is the newspaper Corriere della Sera out of Italy (where, if you didn’t know, F1 racing is insanely popular).

After the crash that happened in the first lap of the 2016 F1 Spanish Grand Prix, these rumors only feel that much more likely to prove to be a hard reality. Furthermore, it was Rosberg’s teammate Lewis Hamilton who claims full responsibility for the unbearably early crash.

And just as athletes in other sports are highly enigmatic whenever discussions of upcoming trades or moves are concerned, when Nico Rosberg was asked whether or not he was going to leave Mercedes, all he said was that he “feel[s] very good at Mercedes, but let’s see what the future holds.”

Things could quickly start to get really sticky for Rosberg should be really be thinking about departing, though. According to Daimer chairman Dieter Zetsche, Rosberg is “under contract for the forthcoming season.” Daimler, of course, being the company that now owns Mercedes-Benz. But, it might not really be all that cut and dry as the Mercedes team’s leader Toto Wolff hinted that there is some negotiating that needs to get done first.

If all this news of Rosberg leaving makes you want to give up following F1 racing, don’t leave too quickly as there is some hope on the horizon. Should Nico Rosberg really give up on Mercedes, another corresponding rumor indicates that he’d be replaced by Fernando Alonso. When speaking with Spain’s El Mundo, Wolff mentioned that Alonso had previously sought a contract with Mercedes at the beginning of the season but Wolff was under obligation at the time to not talk with other drivers due to Lewis Hamilton’s contract renewal. Wolff said that Alonso “is one of the best drivers in history and I like his character,” but still quickly noted that, “Our priority now is Nico.”

As is usually the case in situations like these, fans are in all sorts of an uproar with no real consensus about how they want this all to play out. In any case, seeing as these are all rumors at the moment, we will just have to wait it out to see what is really going on.

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Updated C300 an Attractive Joy to Drive

image via Mercedes-Benz

image via Mercedes-Benz

Rocking that world-class German engineering and some incredible Mercedes-Benz suspension, the 2017 C300 is looking to be one of the manufacturer’s most fun cars to get behind the wheel of, and it certainly doesn’t hurt that it’s also aesthetically stunning. This could be the year I actually end up replacing my older C300 because the ’17 is so impressive.


Despite its aluminum fenders, hood and trunk, the C300 Coupe still bends the scale at 3,638 pounds in two-wheel drive guise and an even chunkier 3,770 pounds with 4MATIC all-wheel drive.

The four-link independent front suspension and five-link rear handle that mass with grace, though. The car didn’t feel heavy in turns, body roll was always under control, and ride quality—in any drive mode and with or without the optional AIRMATIC air suspension with dynamic damping—was very good.

Like seemingly every luxury car these days, you can pick from Eco, Comfort, Sport, Sport+, and Individual (customizable) modes, which adjust parameters like throttle response, transmission shift schedule, suspension firmness (on AIRMATIC models), steering sensitivity, air conditioning duty cycle, and start/stop function. Continue Reading

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Mercedes’ GLB to be Different than First Assumed

image via SB Medien

image via SB Medien

Since Mercedes-Benz first announced that they would be working on a GLB, most people felt as though the company was going to make it an off-road champion. However, they didn’t go that route (it’s not even certain if the GLB will have 4WD) but instead opted for a more modular vehicle, which should make swapping out Mercedes-Benz body parts or other pieces somewhat easier than their other models.


Mercedes-Benz has begun testing the mule of the upcoming GLB, the GLA’s brother. Instead of a baby G-Class, the GLB’s chassis mule is a slightly modified body of the ongoing GLA. Some rumors expected the GLB to be a fully-fledged off-roader, like the G-Class, but smaller.

Right off the bat, we notice an increased ground clearance. Suspension travel is also increased, and the wheel wells are also bigger than those of the GLA. Thanks to this uncamouflaged prototype, which is what the industry calls a “mule,” we can easily spot the differences when compared to a regular GLA.

The upcoming GLB is expected to come to market around two years from now, as an MY2019 vehicle. By then, Mercedes-Benz is set to launch its MFA2 platform, an evolution of the current MFA. Read More

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Uber Wants No One to Drive You Around… Technically Speaking

image via Engadget

image via Engadget

While we are on the topic of self-driving cars, it seems that Uber is going to have one of their own on the roads in Pittsburgh that you can be on the lookout for. While autonomous vehicles are actually safer than us human beings, that doesn’t change the fact that I’d rather not have Uber making its way into this industry. All things considered, I think I trust Google and its technologies a whole lot more than anything produced by Uber. If it works out, though, it could eventually drive the cost of Uber so low that it becomes preferable to people actually ever using (or owning) their own cars.


Uber’s foray into the world of self-driving vehicles will become a lot more visible in the coming weeks after the company confirmed its first autonomous car will officially hit the streets of Pittsburgh. The prototype — a hybrid Ford Fusion — will assist the company in collecting mapping data while putting its self-driving capabilities to the test.

Uber’s Advanced Technologies Center (ATC), which is headquartered in the city, has equipped the car with a variety of sensors including radar, laser scanner and high-resolution cameras, but a human rider will be present at all times.

While this isn’t the first time we’ve heard about Uber’s prototype — it was spotted cruising the city’s streets by the Pittsburgh Business Times last year — it is the first time the company has publicly shared news of its plans. Read More

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Google Looking to Make Self-Driving Cars Sticky

googleWith more autonomous vehicles making their way to the streets than ever before, Google has patented an adhesive that would make hit pedestrians stick to the vehicles rather than bounce off. The thinking here is that pedestrians would avoid secondary injury from hitting the pavement after the initial impact.

While this could potentially be a lifesaving idea in some circumstances, it seems like facing that second injury from the fall might be a better alternative to being stuck to a self-driving car like a bug on fly paper. Cars without drivers may have already proven to a safe addition to our roadways, but if one were to have a person stuck to it and not stop, what’s to stop an autonomous car that didn’t recognize it hit something right away?

Quite a few different companies have autonomous cars in the works, including Audi, Ford, Tesla, BMW, Lexus and, of course, Mercedes-Benz.

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Google on Thursday had a fresh US patent for a sticky coating that could be applied to self-driving cars so pedestrians stick instead of bouncing off when hit.

The patent describes a layer of adhesive on a car’s hood, front bumper and possibly front side panels sealed with a coating that, when broken, would bare a gluey surface akin to fly paper modified to catch humans.

“Upon impact with a pedestrian, the coating is broken exposing the adhesive layer,” read patent paperwork dated May 17 and listing the applicant as Google. Continue Reading

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Price of Oil Moving Up Again

oil-pumpjackOil prices just went higher than they have at any point over the last six months. This increase in price is happening because of an oil shortage across the globe – or at least that’s how Goldman Sachs is reporting it. In any case, the price of oil will, as usual in situations like this, fluctuate with gains and losses for a few days before becoming relatively steady.

Seeing as we don’t know when the next huge oil/gas price increase will be, you might want to do what you can to make sure your vehicle is as efficient as possible. Head over to our Mercedes-Benz fuel page to browse and buy control units, fuel pressure regulators, pumps, tanks and more.


Oil prices hit six-month highs on Monday on worries about global supply outages and as long-time bear Goldman Sachs sounded more positive on the market, although a stockpile build at the U.S. storage hub for crude futures pared gains.

Expectations of resumption in oil exports from a Libyan port, a ramp up in Nigerian crude production by Exxon Mobil Corp and an improved oil-for-loans deal reached by Venezuela with China furthered the tempered the bullish theme in oil.

U.S. crude futures settled up $1.51 at $47.72 a barrel, at their highest since Nov. 3, when they closed at $47.90.

Brent crude futures were trading at $48.99 per barrel, up $1.13, or 2.36 percent. Read More

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Temperatures in April the Hottest

image via Stefan Rahmstorf/Twitter

image via Stefan Rahmstorf/Twitter

With the current trend of an ever-rising average climate temperature, the last seven months have seen record high temperatures each month, and April was no different. Normally (depending on where you live, of course), the month of April brings us mild, enjoyable weather, but it looks like things this trend is going to become the norm.

On that note, you might want to make sure your Mercedes’ climate control system is functioning correctly. If you need anything to keep your A/C running like new, click here for parts.


NASA announced some grim climate news over the weekend.

Last month was the warmest April ever recorded, with soaring temperatures that smashed the previous monthly record by the largest margin in known history.

Sound like something you’ve heard before? It’s probably because you have.

Based on NASA data, April was the seventh month in a row that global temperatures set a new record high. It was also the third consecutive month that the record was broken by the largest margin ever. Continue Reading

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