Mercedes-Benz Involved In Pokemon Go


Catch an Alakazam at a Benz Dealer

The German auto maker has gotten smart with the current explosive trend of Pokemon Go and is now ensuring that its dealerships are made into lured pokestops to get more people out onto the showroom floors.

For the few who don’t know about Pokemon Go, real world physical locations are marked as pokestops and Pokemon Gyms, both of which have a significant role to play in the player’s progression in the game. If this marketing is at all successful we can expect a solid spike in Mercedes ownership among 18-36 year olds who are among the games most avid consumers. With that in mind, think about making your Benz stand out by clicking here and getting some fresh rims.


There is absolutely no two-way about the fact that Pokemon GO is the latest fad to take on the world – sane or otherwise. The interactive game has not only made waves around the globe, but is also quite popular in India, despite the official entry is still some time away. Some might even say that the augmented reality game has finally got people moving in the literal sense. So, what do you do when people are going out of their way to ‘catch ’em all’? Well, Mercedes-Benz is making the right use of the excitement to promote sales and is using the lure modules in the game to promote its cars.

In the first-of-its-kind, the Mercedes dealerships are using the immensely popular mobile game to promote sales of their cars. The in-game “lure modules” near PokeStops, which attract the Pokemon creatures, allow Mercedes dealers to lure people playing Pokemon GO to their showrooms or to local events. The lure modules allow players to catch more Pokemons and are visible to all Pokemon players and entice them to visit the Mercedes-Benz branch or event. Continue Reading

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Mercedes-Benz Is The Name of the New Atlanta Falcons Home


Mercedes-Benz Stadium to Leave Your Wallet Full

The Atlanta Falcons have gotten their new home stadium in the heart of Atlanta Georgia to be sponsored by Mercedes-Benz and it might have been the best decision that the Falcons could make as the stadium is going to be absolutely amazing. It’ll feature a retractable roof so we’ll likely never have to sit through Georgia showers to watch the Falcons. But that’s not even the best feature of the stadium.

The Falcon’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium is going to be the only modern stadium for now that can boast affordable pricing on concessions sold in the stadium, you can even refill your $2 soda as many times as you like throughout the game. If you’re going to be driving your Benz through the Georgia heat come Super Bowl LIII, click here and get some updates to your AC to make the drive and parking survivable.


While the new home of the Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta United is under construction, CEO of the AMB Group Stephen Cannon stopped by AOL to discuss the incredible features of the prime sports facility.

You can watch our interview with Cannon below, but here are five things that make us really excited about the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

  1. Fan-friendly concession prices

First things first, the Mercedes-Benz Stadium will offer the friendliest prices of any stadium we’ve seen in a long time.

“You will no longer be gouged,” said Cannon.

According to the website, the most you’ll spend on a single item is $5:

$2 – Non-alcoholic beverage products with unlimited free refills (at freestanding refill stations)
$2 – Dasani bottled water; hot dogs; pretzels; popcorn
$3 – Peanuts; pizza; nachos; waffle fries
$5 – 12 oz. domestic beer  
Continue Reading

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Rick Ross Flies to Fort Lauderdale for Exclusive Mercedes G-Wagon


Rick Ross Dropped $230K on a G-Wagon

Prominent rapper and hottest MC, Rick Ross made quite the trip for a G-Wagon. This Mercedes-Benz G65-Wagon is a unique spectacle among American car buyers as its only one of 65 that get imported to the United States each year, which earns it the $230,000 dollar price tag. To make the exclusive wagon into an amazing feature of the road though, the twin turbo V-12 can take this wagon from 0 to 60 in 5.3 seconds. If you want a wagon like Ross, you’d have better luck taking a normal G-Wagon and rebuilding it with a brand new V-12 by clicking here.


Rick Ross just paid the cost to truly be the boss of luxury SUV owners — snapping up a rare version of the popular G-Wagon that blows away the rest. 

Rick traveled to Fort Lauderdale on Monday to purchase a new white Mercedes-Benz G65-Wagon from Euro Motorsport. He was beyond lucky to snag one — only 65 make it to the U.S. each year, and it’s not just some well-to-do soccer mom’s ride.

This $230,000 whip comes with a V-12 twin turbo engine, and 630 horsepower that goes from 0 to 60 in 5.3 seconds! Hell, if it’s good enough for the Pope — who’s used this model — it’s good enough for Ricky Rozay.

We’re told he dropped some extra cheddar for the two-tone, diamond stitched leather interior. Continue Reading

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Mercedes-Benz Roadmap Shows Aggressive Designs Posed To Threaten Competition


Where Mercedes-Benz is Heading

The roadmap we’ve gotten to see shows a busy game plan for Mercedes this year and the coming year and it seems their engineers have been busy at work designing up threats against the company’s biggest market competitors. In this and the coming year, Mercedes has 25 vehicles lines up for release. In the years full of new Mercedes Models, click here for good deals on body parts to help keep your Benz looking fresh in the rapidly evolving market.


Mercedes-Benz is on track to introduce no less than nine new or redesigned models. These include a facelifted S-Class, and a more rugged version of the brand new E-Class station wagon aimed squarely at Audi’s allroad. The E-Class lineup is also set to receive new coupe and convertible variants, while the company will introduce a pickup based on the Nissan Navara at the end of next year.

Interestingly, the original version of the presentation (pictured in our gallery) showed a model dubbed GLA Coupe. The slide was quickly amended, and the coupe’s spot has been filled by a simply a facelifted version of the GLA crossover. Mercedes hasn’t commented on the change. The GT R that debuted last month is also listed as one of the new models.

The slide also confirms that Mercedes-AMG is working on a topless version of the GT called GT C. It lists a coupe version of the GT C, which has fueled rumors that the 911-fighting model will receive a new engine next year. Although pure speculation, the GT C could be a more affordable model positioned at the bottom of the lineup. Continue Reading

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Mercedes Unveils Affordable Working-Class Vehicle


A Mercedes-Benz for the Hardest of Workers

The new Metris comes in two styles to suit customers various needs. The first is the Metris Cargo which offers 186 cubic feet of cargo room and 180-degree rear doors. Mercedes also offers the Metris Worker Passenger which offers room for 7 including the driver. For around 30,000 new, these are some of the cheapest Benz models on the market. With a 5000 lb tow weight, these Mercedes Metris pack quite a punch.

If you can’t wait for the towing power until fourth quarter this year, then consider clicking here and putting the biggest engine you can fit under the hood in your benz.


Following the Sprinter Worker van seen at the 2016 Chicago Auto Show comes the next Worker vans in M-B’s lineup. The Metris Worker is a midsize van aimed at customers who need to haul a bunch of stuff on a budget, even if that stuff is people.


For the electricians, plumbers, and other working stiffs, Mercedes-Benz has created the Metris Worker Cargo. Starting at $26,990 including destination, the Cargo aims to be a rolling toolbox and supply shed in one. The company claims it can haul 60 sheets of drywall or plywood without a problem. It has 186 cu-ft of cargo volume and comes only in white. Also standard are silver steel wheels, 180-degree rear doors, and a metal floor. A wood floor from the factory is optional. Continue Reading

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Mercedes-Benz Convertible Engulfed In Flames outside San Antonio Country Club


That’s a Hot Mercedes-Benz!

While the cause of the fire has yet to be determined, the only major property damage to happen at the country club seems to be this poor Mercedes Benz which has been totaled by the blaze. The smoke pillar from the CLK 350 could be seen from several blocks away. There has been no official police statement on if it was arson or not, but in my professional opinion, a Benz just doesn’t burst into flames like that.

For the driver of that car, I’d recommend clicking here and replacing that ashy old interior with something a little less fire damaged.


SAN ANTONIO — A silver Mercedes-Benz convertible was engulfed in flames and completely destroyed Monday afternoon outside the San Antonio Country Club just north of downtown.

Firefighters extinguished the blaze after receiving a call at about 12:33 p.m. in the 4100 block of North New Braunfels Avenue. Smoke could be seen rising into the sky from several blocks away, according to a reader’s photo.

SAFD spokesman Woody Woodward said the fire’s cause is currently unknown. 

The vehicle, a CLK 350 convertible, was parked near the club’s pool but was not close enough to other vehicles for the fire to spread.

Police were not needed at the scene. Continue Reading

image via San Antonio Express-News

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Mercedes Benz S-Class 2030?


Ready for Mercedes-Benz 2030 Models?

While it’s not confirmed what class this imagination by Mercedes designer Gorden Wagener will be, what we do know is that it is known as the Transformer 3.0 with flexible materials allowing the car to morph its shape to be more aerodynamic at various speeds. Oh, did we mention that it drives its self? That should have been a no brainer as any good car of the future should be self driving.

While you won’t find any transforming chassis parts, you can find some factory fresh updates for your Benz by clicking here and finding your model.


What will we be driving in the year 2030? Perhaps the Mercedes-Benz Concept Digital Core if Daimler AG’s head designer Gorden Wagener has a say. Wagener’s renderings, created specifically for the German publication Auto Bild, present the marque’s response to the Rolls Royce Vision Next 100 concept—both offering full autonomous driving and comprehensive connectivity.

Building from the Mercedes-Benz Concept IAA (that debuted at last year’s Frankfurt auto show), the futuristic fastback will be replete with sensors and cameras intended to monitor the driver’s vision and transmit the information through an extensive “intelligent” fiber optics system. The intuitive operating system will handle all aspects of the transportive experience. Continue Reading


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